The Floor

It took me a while to feel comfortable with the floor in dance. I used to enjoy watching B-Boys get down and move effortlessly. At first it was their combination of power and flow that I enjoyed and over time it became realising that there was more to breaking than power. Footwork, freezes, combinations, go…

Movement or Dance

It’s weird that at one point in my life I decided to refer to my dance as movement. I guess because people, well dancers would always ask each other what dance was, or what they felt dance was, and then would judge it, try and find the right answer, intellectualise it, and I felt it…

Connecting through movement

Putting on music and dancing is a simple thing I can do to be present. It’s a simple thing I can do to get out of my head and into my body. I think way too much and in general think we as a society do too. That’s what I love about dance. It connects…

About Me

Hi, I’m Adam. I enjoy dancing and moving with others and I recently became a Dad in 2019. I spend most of my time working as a marketing manager and lighting designer for a Solar and Lighting company in Sydney while teaching dance classes to kids on the weekends and working on dance projects where I can squeeze them in. I share most of my own dance projects at My wife also works at another solar company and is a talented singer song-writer and continues to inspire me. But back to why you’re here and this blog is about dance and I hope to share some of my thoughts, understanding and ideas about dance with you!

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