The Floor

It took me a while to feel comfortable with the floor in dance. I used to enjoy watching B-Boys get down and move effortlessly. At first it was their combination of power and flow that I enjoyed and over time it became realising that there was more to breaking than power. Footwork, freezes, combinations, go downs and learning to dance on the floor had a completely different feel and it was challenging and rewarding to gradually get more comfortable with different positions and movements.

Later finding contemporary dance and the way they approached the floor was so different. It was all about ease, gravity, making a movement effortless, not just looking effortless. And there was so much thought and intention about where the movement would initiate and how one part of the body would affect the other part.

There was a lot of similarities between attention to different parts of the body and intention and movement, and ways of moving but the approach was different. 

Again learning floor work in house dance and lofting (well what I learned from my teachers) and the approach it took was again different and maybe somewhere in between contemporary and breaking. It was smooth, graceful and circular and in someways still dynamic.

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